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Watch Anything Good Lately?

Friday June 5, 2020

H. writes,

Watch any good movies lately? It sounds like you must be consuming media at an incredible rate.

Oh nice, H is up in here referring to the Great Video Desktop Experiment of 2020.

That’s true, H. They really do fly by. But I have no interest in remembering everything that appears on my screen, if that makes sense. The point is that stuff grabs me, and I watch for a while, and feel better. I don’t even know what’s on right now, but some of it is definitely good. And that’s cool.

I just finished Knives Out and I really enjoyed it. My kids are gonna flip when they find out about the, ahem, super-patriotic bad guy.

Before that, Inherent Vice which was all-around great.

I also watched Hitchcock’s Family Plot (1976) for the first time and liked it. Sympathetic characters and an interesting story. Awfully sexy scripting for 1976 though. Holy ssssmokes.

And 2002’s Blood Work…yeah, OK, a fun watch!

On Youtube:

I love watching a grown man enjoy burgers as much as I do (mouth sounds warning) and he has the best laugh to boot. Some crazy-fun ESFP energy there, observationally speaking.

I’ve also been watching some Pewdiepie again with my sons. He’s still fun. Our all-time favorite gets re-watched or at least referenced in our conversations every month or so. Son #2 laughed super hard last night when we watched Pewdiepie trying to compete for popularity with a children’s nursery rhyme channel.

A bit of observationally-I’m-thinking-ENTP Featureman here and there, a little Car Pal for sensory entertainment, another ENTP-like smart person giving a pretty funny tech presentation on Unix power and I think that sums it up.

Though when I close down the office, I have been listening to Parcels lately. Music yep, but also video.

How about you guys?

Watch anything you like lately? Let me know! Email’s in the sidebar.

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