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Study Notes, 2015-11-19

Thursday November 19, 2015

  • The Mind Map Book: Using a mind map for rating choices—giving a group of branches a score from 0-100, then repeating, then adding all up, pros, cons, and deciding based on overall score. I’d like to try this.
  • Survival Games Personalities Play: I want to look up gestalt exercises.
    • Also in the aforementioned case study, the object is taught to smile at three people a day. This made a big change for them.
  • Getting to Yes: I’m getting further down the track here, but thinking up possibilities is one I’ve been good at in sticky negotiations in the past.
  • The Highly Sensitive Person: Physical form of therapy. Exercise. Medicine. And so on. This is good stuff.
  • Type Talk: Diet and MBTI! Wow. INFPs and ENFPs most likely to have eating disorders, Feelers most likely to have trouble with food due to things like food being a zone of social comfort, acceptance, gifting, etc.
  • Super Memory, Super Student: I am very excited to learn the 1-100 mnemonics. Updated my flash cards. Someone mentioned the other day that it’s cool to memorize license plates seen every day, and then recognize them when you see them again—a neat feeling.
    • I’m thinking “what else can I memorize” now, and it’s a helpful thought.
  • Mr. Rogers Quote Book: You don’t have to be like Mister Rogers, says he—even parents who yell sometimes are ideal in that they show children that they can be real and have real emotions without hurting others.
  • How to win customers for life: Look for buying signals. Like showing lots of interest. I lose this sometimes. When there’s a bunch of buying signals, pay attention to negatives and use e.g. warranties, try-it-outs, etc. to deal with, then ask for the sale. Shall we get started?
  • Cheetah Negotiations: Negotiating with ENFP Anton. My guess is that I’d get along well with Anton, so my GUAL would be if he said e.g. this is my stuff now. My ZOPA would be that we both want to try new things. So getting him to deliver and then consult on the new project would be huge.
  • Please Understand Me II: Rational spouses. Interesting that it lists ISFJs, first I’ve read of that but it makes sense. It also mentions ENFPs. There’s something weird there. Also mentions the need for a mind-mate. That’s good. Now how do I find more mind-mates IRL?
  • Charisma, The Art of Relationships: Learning to accept and adapt to your organizational position after benefiting from a close relationship with a now-dead superior after a while. Makes sense. Think objectively. Get outside feedback.

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