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Diet Micro-Goal

Sunday June 9, 2019

Taking a Micro-Dramatic turn from my pound-a-week weight loss idea, I’ve made a new Micro-Goal for dieting purposes.

I’m going to shoot for 203 lbs. by next Saturday, testing out a visualized-sensational-situational goal: Fitting into my old suit in order to attend an event on Saturday. At 203 it will be just barely comfortable (I bought it when I weighed about 180 lbs. or so), but with some ab exercises thrown in it should be doable; I’ve done that before and it worked pretty well.

If I don’t fit into the suit, I can wear some other formal thing, but a lot of other people will be wearing suits, so there’s some benign pressure. I’d like to be able to do it.

LibreOffice Calc spreadsheet screenshot, with goal of 203 lbs. by June 15

Above: Spreadsheet screenshot. Click / tap / think in Russian to enlarge

I’ll just need to lose 2 lbs. by then. A stretch but I’m pretty sure I can do it if I come back to my notes every day. And even if this completely fails, I’ll take something away from it, learn, and move on. As I said before, persistence is my friend here.

My exercise plans are a mess…need to address that but there is a lot going on. I may make some tweaks as I go along.

I took a helpful charting reminder from this amazing video. My kids were in my office, taking turns swooping at my head with an RC drone, so I made the spreadsheet a little fun.

You’ll notice I have “Schedule every day the night before” in there as a Judger-personality anti-stress tool. It helps and makes me feel like I’m more in control, lowering the anxiety floor, which lessens the likelihood of stress eating.

So, will the higher goal make things unsustainably bad? Or will the social pressure pay off? Tune in next time!

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