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Interests Update, 2020-06 Edition

Wednesday June 2, 2021

Here’s what’s on my mind lately:


I continue experimenting with these. Nothing dark-web level, or anything like that.

But I did reach the level of having at least one friend who is alarmed about at least one of the nootropics I am trying. DING! Feels special, this level. But let’s all be careful, we don’t want to be TOO powerful.

(Reminds me of that guy who was like, “are you trying to be some kind of superhuman?” I mean…aren’t we all? Isn’t that the point of the whole superhuman concept? Don’t give up on your heroic life)

Do I mention these new ones by name here? I’ll think about it. I think that part of my blog readership would really like that.

The other part would automatically do a search for “[nootropic name here] dangerous”, or “[nootropic name here] pseudoscience”…you know the drill if you’ve been an irate INTJ before.


I have started officially playing around with hot-weather hiking, since that’s basically what I have to work with right now, weather-wise.

(This makes thermogenic nootropics a bit more of a complex question btw)

Things I’ve learned so far:

  • Beard-misting is a really effective self-care routine for me. :-) Man, I could do that all day. Feels great to have a misty beard while hiking in hot weather. Just thinking about it makes my eyes all beardy.
  • Solo long-range hiking: TONS more people do this nowadays than I realized! Wow. What a great world we live in. I mean, maybe they’re all packing heat or something, but wow, I see tons of long-distance runners and hikers out there these days.
  • Ham radio while hiking: Helpful. I always check in on a nearby repeater at various points on my hike. Sometimes it’s just a quick call, but sometimes somebody comes back and wants to chat, so we chat.
  • Snakes: This seems to be my snake year. No rattlesnakes so far, just a bunch of crazy-long gopher snakes. But man, those things can grow up to NINE FEET LONG?! What is that.
    • They are always laying across the trail, playing speed bump or something.
  • Hiking Poles: Amazing. AMAZING.

Can I tell you how great hiking poles are? No, I can’t. Hiking poles are just incredible. I use them for:

  • Defense against spiderwebs, tree branches, and occasional non-rain clouds that make me angry. Rain! Raiiinnn!
  • Clanging on random things to warn other random things that something really random is in the area
  • Looking like I’m goin somewhere important while walking through neighborhoods on the way to the trail

Supportive Software Undergarments

I’ve been writing more and more little support scripts that help me:

  • One that spits out the latest frameworks I’m working on
  • One that spits out some random frameworks I’ve worked on before, so I can update them or check them out
  • One that spits out some cues for emotional processing

These all output text into my text editor, which is still my happy place.

Capturing Archetype-butterflies

I have a lot of little moments like, “OK, I blogged a bunch today. What’s THAT about.” Or, “that’s my FIFTH Roy Scheider film this month. What’s THAT about.” Or, “what’s all this ham radio stuff about, here I am shopping for ham radios again.”

Thankfully I have a growing reference document for all of these.

Thing is, the answers are never super simple. Ham radio depends on the type of radio! Portable? OK—I’ve learned to see that as a cue to get outside and make more plans for travel and fitness. And plan your whole life while you’re at it. (Radio and planning / anticipating are symbolic pals)

I find that it really helps to keep evolving the meanings, developing them over time. Soon there’s a solid “core idea,” like shopping is “about” directing powerful energy at important concepts. But around those ideas there’s a loose, fractal world of various fascinating ins and outs.

‘sall for now, later folks!

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