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Taking Measurements as a Way of Extraverting Oneself

Monday February 13, 2017

Sometimes I think “being more of an extravert is healthy,” but I get stuck in the cognitive dead end of “that means I should get out more.”

In fact, Jung’s extraversion concept is not just about getting out or enjoying crowds.

One form of extraversion that works very well for me is measurement. Dario Nardi defines extraverted thinking (Te), the powerful INTJ problem-solving function, as “taking measurements and refining measurement systems.”

If you are struggling with something, look for a way to measure your performance or current level. By weighing myself 3-4 times a week, I keep my BMI at “healthy” levels. By periodically measuring my anxiety via a brief test in a book I own, I help myself prevent crises of mental health—I can plan to get more sleep, get more exercise, or both, for example.

Measurement turns out to be a very good start for INTJs who want to break out of whatever “stuck” they’re in.

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