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Just a Q about Aliens

Thursday July 23, 2020

A little bit of sci-fi conceptualization: Could aliens represent a collective-unconscious view of the role of the intuitive psychology in the future of humanity?

Is the alien a symbol of the highly-intuitive psychology?

  • Big heads/minds.
  • Weak bodies (compared to the sensory strength, the image of the strong body)
  • Collectively feared, yet physically weak
  • The mental powers are scary.
  • Reading minds.
  • Knowing what people think before those people do anything.
  • Communicating via mental models.
  • Creating new technologies.
  • Prophesying about humanity’s future.
  • Comfortable in dealing with and navigating the unknown.
  • Looking after the big picture of humanity, in some sense.
  • Unconcerned with rather archaic notions (e.g. transcending traditional models—genderless, often without a nationality).

Where we (humanity) are going, we may need to draw on the powerful (big-picture, intellectual, prophetic) gifts of these “aliens”…

Could the alien be seen as a sort of gift to ourselves—less of an external phenomenon, perhaps (or perhaps not), but also a powerful set of exemplary mental models which will be needed as humanity matures and becomes whole?

Think about the scientist, too. The stereotypical NT personality. Intuitives. Always a bridge between mankind and the understanding of or communicating with aliens…psychologically this makes a lot of sense.

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