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Another Interesting Possibly-INTJ Project

Thursday October 7, 2021

I came across the Spartacus Educational website while doing some research on the whole JFK assassination thing, which is a sad but interesting topic (I had written “fun” topic here before, but it’s a pain to explain patiently how a sad thing can also be so deep that eventually it becomes fun to learn more about)

The site is quite extensive and interesting, and the author bio really made me think, “ah, this seems like an INTJ project.”

Regardless, I think it’s just fascinating that there is this well-considered set of dead witnesses.

Well, I’ll go one step further: SPECIFICALLY I think it’s interesting that one of them died from a “karate chop” to the throat.

I will be thinking about that one for a while. So weird! Thus far I find that after a few hours it spins one’s head away from all the seriousness and quite a distance into “Wes Anderson film” territory.

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