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Frameworks of Late

Sunday April 23, 2017

Here are some frameworks I’ve posted recently, for those who love tips, and self-improvement, and…oh hey, that’s us!

Since starting to use Ti more heavily, I have created about 300 of these cognitive frameworks, as counted by:

find ./Frameworks -type f | wc -l

…and they are mostly really messy, not at all polished like those I linked above.

The goal here is to generate my own original, subjective frameworks. Framework depending, I may include more objective data, but I’m already a very objective person overall so the subjective work just adds a dimension of fun. Well, fun and efficiency, since I can just try stuff on my own rather than waiting for the next study to be published.

One interesting trend I’ve noticed is that many of my original frameworks are now merging with each other and becoming more refined. For example, I learned that I can apply to my recovery from most illnesses (even colds, or the flu) the same tools I was using to treat periodic bouts of depression.

The framework I most frequently update right now is my new “monthly framework”, which kind of tells me what to expect & prepare for as each month of the year goes by. In the last year I noticed that many seasonal transitions and activities kind of take me by surprise, so I hope this will help me prepare my mind for e.g. depressing holiday scenarios next time around.

The frameworks I most look forward to updating and re-reading are those focused on making learning fun (above) and interests like earning certifications, interacting with professional societies, and world-building.

Remember also that my intent here is to realign with the traditional INTJ gifts, after stretching myself toward other-types’-gifts for years and years. So if this all seems terribly nerdy or OCD and you find yourself repressing aspects of it, that may be why. I’ll leave exploration of that possibility as a subjective exercise for those who may be so affected, and just say that this has been really helpful for me.

Coaching Update
In other news, my new coaching business is picking up faster than I expected. Referrals are coming in fast, and I was flattered when a doctor asked if he could refer some patients (!) my way in order to aid their recovery toward a healthier mental posture for dealing with the day-to-day.

In another interesting experience, a friend asked for some of my time and said, “my relative would never come to you because she’s concerned that you know her and would judge her, but she needs help with the sort of thing you’re good at. Her life is incredibly hard right now. So I was thinking you could tell me what you would do for her and I’ll do those things with her.” That one still makes me smile. I was glad we spoke though, because she was complaining about the way her own therapeutic solutions were rebuffed by her friend. In general I find it’s not a great idea to try to convince a very anxious person to solve their problems your way. :-)

In response to these inquiries, I find myself googling reasons why I’m not a therapist, and coming up with a very, very subjective set of possible answers. This must annoy actual therapists to no end. And I don’t really want to be a therapist at the moment, so I’m actively looking for ways in which I will need to set boundaries. Still, looking at the Jungian cognitive model(s), one uncomfortable yet very powerful truth is, if you share psychological traits with someone, yet are not a professional yourself, you still may do more therapeutic good in your interactions with that person than a licensed therapist with different or opposing traits could. Yikes.

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