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Man that's Depressing

Friday September 18, 2020

I just wrote a new article on productivity. It was lengthy, nicely detailed, and minutes away from publishing.

In the process of wrapping things up, I somehow disabled my own fail-safe draft protection system and lost the article. Yeah, them fail-safes, pretty useful when you don’t use them. LOL.

Now I have a draft that’s one major revision old, but that version totally sucks and builds on a completely different set of ideas, and I don’t have the energy to pick it up again.

To hell with this, let’s have some tunes. I don’t care how random, just something that will temporarily erase the pain of this moment. Hit it, tunes jukebox.

It was all about how you can design productivity…treat yourself as a designer, develop a spec, iterate through different ideas…

And I mean, it’s a useful perspective, you can treat your day like you’re a designer…get the outcome you want, instead of the same outcome you’ve had every day recently

(Got the COVID test results back, the whole family is negative…thank god)

And really the design roadblocks for an INTJ aren’t super hard to move out of the way…it’s a matter of knowing about the Ne-blindspot effect, and accepting a multitude of ideas rather than insisting that you know the single good idea…

…there’s more to it than this, but for now I’m zapped, sorry.

OK I’m off to watch Gilles for a bit …take care everybody, and enjoy the weekend.

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