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MDC: Moderated Dirty Cut

Friday May 29, 2020

I guess you all remember that I’m blogging here in part because I cut 35% of my body weight, right? Along those lines, here’s where I’m at with my latest approach to staying in shape.

I decided to give a name to what’s working lately: The MDC.

(I really like this acronym because it’s my own initials. That’s all.)

First, some terminology:

What is a dirty cut?

A “dirty cut” involves eating low-quality, junky food while also cutting calories. This means weight loss, but with possible complications like higher body fat, etc.

So a “clean cut” would mean cutting weight while eating healthy food.

What is a Moderated Dirty Cut?

Moderation: Keeping something within reasonable limits; not excessive or extreme.

A Moderated Dirty Cut is a dirty cut which also meets these requirements:

  • Requirement 1: The subject has identified that they have more motivational energy toward weight loss practice when it’s done dirty. For example, they are extra motivated because they get to eat more of their favorite junky foods, even in ridiculous amounts.
  • Requirement 2: The subject is generally OK with also adding in some balance with healthy foods. This is not an over-the-top dirty cut, except on certain days or occasions. So: Some meals will be really healthy and this person is not outright attempting to destroy their organs.
  • Requirement 3: The subject is getting a lot of exercise, good sleep, and is able to attack stressors A-OK in their day-to-day life.
  • Requirement 4: The subject generally knows where their stats are. Their blood pressure, their blood work, etc. With all that in mind, a cut like this ought to be alright given their health status and history.

So that’s my MDC concept so far.

Since I’m Test-subject Zero, here’s my report: It’s working for me, and I passed my goal weight by 2 lbs. in about half the time I thought it would take, with a recent weight loss of just under 10 pounds. That’s why I went back and studied my moves and gave it all a name.

First, it integrates my background-ESFP dynamic, Se and Fi. Se is the objective-sensory-focused psychological process saying “GO EAT THE BIGGEST FRIGGIN DONUT” and Fi is the subjective-emotional process that says “I wanna eat what I wanna eat, and it ain’t protein powder, and I don’t care about your measurements.”

Another big part of the reason is that it’s working because I’m learning. I get free dieting-energy from study, analysis, and the general concept of the AOAEI Loop.

Finally, I’m getting energy bonuses from writing my own manual.

There are other elements I’m also folding in from my last mega-cut, like active measurement and invoking the intuition to see things coming (Example: I foresee a spontaneous end-of-week party tonight; I will skip lunch and become a clever prophet of forthcoming calorie expenditure opportunities!).

I would fold this all into a master system, but I really want it to be modular and flexible for now, so I’d rather spell it out separately from the MDC.

Anyway. Fun stuff. It’s nice to be in the mood to do some cutting again. Sometimes if I’m not in the mood (wow, Fi, thanks, I guess) I really, really have to work hard to be interested in changing my weight again. There are a LOT of things in life that are A) super important and B) super interesting, and C) way newer to me than weight loss.

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