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Reader Question: ENFP Guys on Youtube

Tuesday November 24, 2020

Trey writes,

Can you give some examples of ENFP guys on Youtube?

Sure! You ready to have some fun??? Haha.

Liam Thompson, Funny New Zealander (Carson family favorite)

Perifractic from Retro Recipes, Retro-computing Expert

Scooby1961, Epic Gay Engineer & Bodybuilder

Steven Lim, Worth It Guy

Dr. John Dehlin, Excommunicated Mormon, and Popular Critic of the Mormon Church

(Warning: Deep, sometimes dark, Fi stuff. John sings a very effective counter-hymnal to the ISTJ-leaning Mormon leadership)

Jesse Kimmerling, Adventurist-Traveler

Brandon Farris, Funny Things-Tryer

Phew! That should hold you for now Trey ;-)

(…OK fine, she is in a favorite band called “Men I Trust,” so here’s an ENFP female, Emmanuelle Proulx, for the heck of it.)

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