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Quick tip: Find a way to move beyond Ni + Te dominant ego ASAP.

Tuesday August 13, 2019

I’ve seen this too much lately and it’s hard to watch. The Ni + Te INTJ moves in, unintentionally creates drama and other havoc without even knowing what is going on. They think they are just helping people, being informational or some other nonsense. Meanwhile people who have every excuse to feel insulted based on their own subjective perceptions are, behold: Insulted. Quietly they repress it in an act of temporary good character.

Next, forces beyond the INTJ’s control react to that state of affairs and the INTJ is made to feel serious pain. If they are lucky, they listen to or consult someone who has access to other preferred and relevant functions and they make little changes. They become more flexible, versatile, adaptable.

If the INTJ is not lucky, they are crushed by the response and turn to some harmful activity—you know the drill—extremities of the sensory. And they tell themselves they saw this coming, or it’s a conspiracy, or whatever.

If you delay this development process, it can crush your life.

Q: “But shouldn’t those other people just say something, if their feelings are hurt? Be direct!”

A: Do not poke the sleeping dragon.

It’s not just INTJs, either. I’ve seen this with all types. Just yesterday I saw an ESFP practically self-destruct because Se + Fi reasons. All ego. And it’s just a good way to turn life into a war.

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