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Intuitive Password Selection

Tuesday April 23, 2019

Apparently the best password to use these days is a bunch of words strung together. It’s long (requires more computation to crack, should be longer than 14 characters) and you’ll remember it more easily.

While that’s always been a possible way to generate passwords, the “use words you know” tip somehow missed me and I had a lofty goal of memorizing super-long random strings for the last 15 years or so. “I’m super good at memorizing things,” (or I should be better!) yet another oft-seen character in the INTJ psychological bestiary.

As a result, personally, the mental switch to this new method has combined with my fondness for the intuition to make new passwords really fun: Finding that mix of words that really nails home a favorite intuitive “feeling”. It’s a great exercise. Then you can take the intuition as deep as you want, when you’re done with the password-creation part.

Weird I know—but this can make you more productive.

Now, throw in some funny misspellings—still food for intuition—and those few mysteriously intuitive numbers that came to mind—and it’s long, strong, and…Kong.


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