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Morning Food Mood vs. Intermittent Morning Mood

Wednesday May 13, 2020

Intermittent fasting was pretty cool for a while. Now it’s just another tool in the box. We can look it in the eyes and say, “look buddy, here’s what you absolutely suck at, and that’s ok. We need to be honest at this point.”

Lately the problem is that I’m realizing just how much my mood is assisted by food. Especially in the morning. I often need a good pickup in the morning.

And especially with that sweet food, man.

I noticed this little trick: A donut is AT LEAST as good as one ibuprofen tablet under specific circumstances. Overworked? This’ll help.

This brings to mind my favorite dirty cut times a few years back, when I’d buy a box of candy bars and eat the entire box in three days, and complain that even my hats were getting too big now, or whatever (the hat size change is truly an under-shared facet of extreme weight loss).

The candy bar diet thing was:

  • Inexpensive, because somehow I found boxes of candy bars on clearance every time I went shopping.
  • Good for the purpose of controlling calories, because hell yeah I’ll skip everything else on the menu today so I can eat SIX of my favorite candy bars. Hell yes.
  • Easy food math. The math is basically done for you on the wrapper.
  • As flexible as you wanted it to be. I was still eating healthy foods, but that was “sometimes” or even “most times,” instead of “every meal is measured for macros like a medication.”

I believe some part of this needs to be folded into my future cuts. It’s free good-mood real estate. And mornings…eh. I just think I can use more food-energy in the morning.

Dirty Cut Bonus Content

Plus, here’s the thing: Dirty cuts might be “dirty,” but you’re still losing weight. If weight loss is the purpose, then we can’t say that a dirty cut is really so bad. Sometimes a clean cut with its food-program-maintenance aspect can quickly frustrate one into getting off track and gaining weight. Just IMO. We can say, “but but but here’s what will happen if you eat dirty” all we want, but in fact the various factors have to be weighed. A perfect program can be perfectly inappropriate.

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