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I Upgraded my Communications

Friday April 24, 2020

…and updated the How to Contact Me article to add context.

The original version did feel a little bitchy. And there’s this bitchy part of me that has a really on/off voice, and I’m working on that.

Well that’s not true. Mostly I’m alternately amused by it and worried that I might offend someone. But I’m “working on it” in the sense that I’m staying open to revising my practices by moderating the bitch level.

In fact, objectively-experienced Marc probably needs a voice that’s more consistently bitchy, but at a low volume level when it comes up. Something like that. (The number of people who know me in person and consider me bitchy is definitely low, if it’s even a number at all…am I sad about that? Why does it feel like a double-edged sword?)

Anyway I kind of like giving attention to my bitchy parts. They’re just more open to fun in a way that easily transcends the word “bitchy,” but bitchy is a funny word to throw around. Funny because we’re all INTJs, and our composure is so over-the-top as a group. Say it with me now, bitches!

Ehhhh, that sounds too much like Joe Rogan. Oh well.

By the way, this very morning, bitchy-voice gave me a great podcast idea. And it has been a while since I made a podcast…

…in fact, quite often if I stop doing something that I once enjoyed, the reconciliation and re-start has a lot to do with listening to the bitchy voice. Hmm….

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