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Some Frameworks I Haven't Updated Lately, and Why

Monday September 20, 2021


Why I haven’t updated this one: I don’t really wake up early anymore if I can help it. In the past I’ve done a lot of early-wake-up experiments. The most entertaining one involved a soviet cosmonaut supplement and karate kata and lots of laughter. But overall I do really well if I can sleep on cycle and my logs show that hitting 9 hours is like gold to me. It’s hard to go to sleep early. So I don’t get up early so much.

When I do get up early, usually unintentionally, I do really like that it’s easy to spend literal hours journaling my way through a bunch of fun, interesting, and productive activity. This usually ends up being really rewarding, and it helps me get back to sleep, too.

But the proper sleep is more worth it, in my experience.

I do have a variant of this framework called “Waking-Up-Early-for-Work-Framework” and this one developed into a really helpful system with various aspects that support an early workday.


LinkedIn is probably dead last on my list of interesting ways to network, or whatever I’m supposed to be doing there.

I am pretty sure I’ll go to my grave never having used, or needed, LinkedIn very much.

There is a helpful reminder in the framework though: Always review and update your privacy settings BEFORE making profile adjustments. I think this is a good rule of thumb when coming back to just about any social network after a while.


I forgot about this one. It contains an interesting idea of how INTJs will often transform a competitive mindset into a form of dependency-debt. I may revisit this one later.


This is like my own version of G.I. Joe. World-building stuff. Some characters on the team:

  • Major Danni Forz (ISTJ, USA), specialist in Covert Action, Logistics and Accelerated Response Planning. Former Special Operative in US Army
  • Scylon (IRAN), a ninja stealth operative. ISFP. A charismatic when in disguise. Enjoys meditation. Formerly addicted to The Hard Stuff.
  • ERICA (USA), a robot with AI knowledge-bank capabilities. First developed in 1983, and under constant development since.
  • Boilerplate (USA), a brute of a man. Just a huge muscle & heavy weapons guy. Epic white beard. ESTP.
  • Enrique Iglesias Machado (AKA Match, USA). Private investigator inspired by Fletch. ESFP
  • Brusselsprout (CA): Failed INTJ, useful all around, good impartial advice, fails at hard tasks, but too nice to eject from the team.
    • This character was submitted to me by an INTJ friend from Canada who’s an occasional blog reader. Hi Alex!

I haven’t updated this one lately because it’s become really long, story-driven, and deep. It needs more attention than it did at the start. So it’s harder to casually dive in than it used to be.

I have some ideas though, for developing it further.


I work with HTML so much that even just the name of this one is depressing now. Plus it has a bunch of weirdly excited lines inside like “Make a start page!”

(Which, I admit I’m planning another one right now. I like building and updating those.)


COVID, man. It’s been way too long.

But I have developed this “LEGO Guy” philosophy where I try to alter my perspective a bit when I visit amusement parks. It works well for me and it’s much more fun that way.


God, I don’t miss this at ALL.

I estimate that a single public speaking engagement costs me at least 1200 extra calories in stress eating. That’s kind of where I left it.

Maybe later this changes and I just stop giving a f*** about whatever I’m telling people in public, and how I’m saying things, but for now I care way too much.

I’ve probably given hundreds of speeches and public addresses at this point.

Depressingly, most of them were to members of the cult into which I was born.

F*** me, man.


This one lights a flame within my soul. I have to get back to this, it was such a big part of my kidhood. No good reason to be away. Though I did write a script to play a bunch of these on my local QMMP install, recently.

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