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Blog Updates, 2022-10

Tuesday October 25, 2022

Some recent updates around here:

Fediverse Feed Cleanup

The RSS feed format from Mastodon changed a while back, so things looked a bit broken in the sidebar here for a while. I made some changes that seemed to fix the appearance.

I am not sure in what ways I may keep using Mastodon for microblogging. The community aspect is nice, but since I’m already blogging here in different ways, I should probably reevaluate what I’m doing over there for good fit. Anyway for now, the sidebar feed appearance is not broken, at least. (I still need to play a bit with the word-break settings…(done))

Recent Imagery

The sidebar here at MAYBE also has a new feature where you can see photos of some recent things I’m up to. When you load a page it picks a random recent image.

Right now there are a lot of EDC photos, but I expect this will change over time. Anyway I really like keeping some of my own favorite interest- or hobby-related photos here on the blog, and I noticed that storing photos in other cloud services is great for a lot of things, but it’s really not a great fit for publishing or blogging.


The home page here at FS also has an updated main menu, and some of those pages are also undergoing changes as well.

The same home page also shows a random selection from my entire image highlights gallery.

The About Marc page was additionally updated with some info, based on my conversations with visitors to the site.

It’s been fun to kind of pull things together here and unify various approaches and features as I spend more time on this personal site—it’s a hobby that’s been a lot of fun. Thanks for reading!

Above: MacNeil/Lehrer Variations: Theme: Part III

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