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What You Been Up To? March 2021

Saturday March 13, 2021

Some Readers writes:

What have you been up to lately?

Kind of lots of stuff? I think I’m building up to more publishing here. Maybe not but I kinda think so. And remember, I’m a publishes-in-batches guy anyway. I mean:

  • I injured myself and am doing rehab (shoulder) which sucks but hey, at least it’s not BOTH shoulders, which I’ve done before
  • Watson, the younger of my two cats, and the perennial & vocal baby of the family, appears to be nearing the end of his mortal journey… :-( This is tender and difficult to consider…
  • I’m working on a new charitable giving framework, structuring the way I do this stuff. So far I’m really happy to have made more steps in this direction.
  • I am finalizing a new “Executive Distance” module for Task BATL, which will likely be published soon
  • I’m pushing some solo RPG campaigns forward…
    • One’s about a multi-billion-dollar affinity cult that moves into South America and starts manipulating nation-states with generous contributions; meanwhile the British monarchy is on its trail because some members of the royal family joined the cult long ago and it was discovered that they absconded with some important treasures
    • Another one’s kinda like Rick Steves in Space (spoiler, he is a member of an insectoid species) and some mercenaries who have been hired to blend in and protect him from strange goings-on.
    • And finally there’s one about a pulp-style American detective who was hot stuff in the 1930s, and is now 70 years old in 1980s Cold War Berlin, trying to solve the recent and very suspicious death of his daughter, in the same city.
  • I picked up the Gumshoe Bundle of Holding deal, because I’ve been wanting to read Timewatch, and Delta Green looked cool as well. So far it’s been fun reading.
  • My DriveThruRPG cart is also well-loaded because it’s the GM’s day sale. I piled on some more stuff from Precis Intermedia, but also a few new supers RPGs.
  • Oh and I backed Amazing Heroes which looks like it ought to be simple and fun.
  • A lot of other admittedly big and personal-breakthrough-style stuff I can’t go into right now, but hope to someday
    • Reminder: Learning is power; knowledge is power. And, those two things will teach you that learning and knowledge are not all-powerful. And that’s powerful! And it’s all true, all of that, at different levels. There’s really no need to fear giving up on knowledge and power…but it must be handled with a light & deft grasp…

Some more fun

  • ITAP of my wine
    • Cool subreddit
  • Confessions subreddit is new to me, kinda entertaining
    • Yes, there are people who are like that, is one thing that continually shocks and interests me, sitting over here with my haughty covert ethics system of how-great-I-am
  • Ask Astrologers is interesting
    • I continue to find some value in these studies, they’re not all-powerful and there’s a lot of nuance but still, I like it

Have a great week everybody!

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