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Q&A: Sloppy Work and Dissatisfaction

Friday January 15, 2021

Holly asks,

I always catch myself being sloppy, but then I don’t have the energy to fix the sloppy parts of my work. So there is always some stubborn, neglected slop in my projects. Also, I’m never really satisfied with my work. Is this a thing for INTJs?

It’s not easy to admit or share that kind of thing, Holly. A lot of people would much sooner project a detail-conscious, perfectly-satisfied persona, than admit they are sloppy or less-than-satisfied. But the slop factor is so real sometimes!

People of any type can be sloppy, but I find that when INTJs feel too sloppy, they’re usually worn out, tired, exhausted somehow.

If that’s you, please take care of yourself. Get some rest, take some time off, and let your energy renew itself.

You also mentioned that you sometimes can’t fix that, even though you’re aware of it. Sometimes this “can’t fix it” energy comes from resentment, for example if you’re working for an employer that is always demanding things, and you are tired of their sh*t. That may be a good time to push back, or at least explore your feelings. Maybe do some howling or venting.

Regarding work satisfaction, it can help to consider your work a reflection of your fears about yourself. For example, “I fear that new things will always be a letdown.”

What I’d do then is create a “letdown” scale, 1-10. How much of a letdown is each project or time slot, overall? This is a little bit more objective, and hopefully effective, than feeling unsatisfied. It can help you generate ideas for making things less of a letdown, over time.

But yeah—please take a look into the energetic and emotional factors first. Those are always big ones for us INTJs. They come out of nowhere, out of the dark shadow of our personality, and it’s better to give those things attention as soon as possible.

Good luck Holly, and hang in there.

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