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Monday April 29, 2019

To use one of my grandma’s favorite phrases, this video tickles me pink.

The video, in which a young American boy goes solo camping in the snow, is great. It’s fun, adorable, and interesting. And it helped bring its creator over seven million views and 329,000 subscribers.

If I had to guess, I’d put his personality at ESFP. You never know, and am not the kind of guy to tell somebody “you are definitely this or that type based on my watching you on Youtube,” but sometimes it’s fun to guess. He reminds me of a good friend of mine and brought back some great memories of being a kid.

Part of what I like about this video is just the sense of child-like fun. There’s a huge need for that in the INTJ psychology, and it’s very easily ignored when we get sucked into amazing person projection mode or other risky or even dangerous lines of thought/action.

The fun, I think, leads to the charisma—the kid is pumped. He’s excited and he’s ready for action. I’ve coached ESFPs before, and when they’re low on energy, when they’re a workaholic—yeah, you aren’t going to see a fun Youtube video, though you might get one that’s really informational.

An example of someone who I think could be an ESFP who took her career in a very informational direction (not necessarily in an unhealthy way!) is Linda Moulton Howe, former Miss Idaho pageant winner and Miss America contestant, now a standby in the UFO research community and an independent investigative journalist.

Linda Produced the film A Strange Harvest, a documentary on cattle mutilations, which is something of an interesting historical artifact on its own, and which you can view in its entirety on IA. The video does show mutilated cattle, but personally while I’d normally be a bit sensitive to this stuff on my lunch hour, this one didn’t affect me much. The anonymous mutilators made some remarkably clean cuts!

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