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Just a thought about INTJ weaknesses

Thursday August 25, 2016

“Nobody ever complained that Einstein wasn’t a great painter.” —My INTJ dad

Part of the INTJ journey is discovery. Discovery of your gifts, discovery of your weaknesses. If your weaknesses piss you off, that’s normal. Especially for an INTJ—we sometimes think it’d be best for us just to become good at everything.

(Which: Isn’t that like the dumbest idea ever? Seriously.)

If you want to develop your gifts, that’s normal.

If you want to develop your weaknesses, that’s normal, too.

But I will bet on the former any time. Wish I could say that about the latter.

Understanding my gifts has been the most rewarding part about Jungian psych and MBTI for me. I found gifts I didn’t even know I had, and I hope you find the same. Weaknesses can always wait.

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