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Just launched: New Marc Carson Coaching Facebook Page

Thursday June 27, 2019

Well, my planets finally aligned and a Facebook Page for my coaching business is operational. ;-)

Here’s the link: Marc Carson Coaching on Facebook

If you’re on Facebook and can spare the humilation of yet more of your stalker friends speculating as to what business you have with a life coach, please like the page. We really appreciate your support.

The chances of being spammed by this page are pretty low I’d say, judging by the not-exactly-torrential activity on my Marc Carson Web Design page which has been up for years and years.

Thanks to my blog audience for your continued support and as always, I hope you’ll get in touch if you’re interested in:

  • A coaching email exchange for a quick dose of accountability and tips specifically calibrated to your life or career situation
  • A coaching MP3 sent to your inbox
  • A video-chat coaching session
  • A phone-based coaching session

A quick note also that my book for INTJs is still available, with hundreds of exercises and a discount code you can use on your purchase.

Have a great weekend! —Marc

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