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Toro et Toi

Tuesday June 16, 2020

I have been thinking about Toro y Moi lately, and the way he gives me these INTJ vibes. So I thought I’d sit down and watch an interview to see what more I can learn.

I really love his authenticity and connection with his self-concept, and how that feeds directly into his energy.

One of the things that stood out to me was what you might call a “technology tension” or a technology dichotomy. That and other dichotomies:

  • Technology is Eh (2:55) vs. Technology can enable the Best Experience (5:37)
  • Less is More vs. More is More
  • Keeping Up vs. Keeping It Together
  • Fitting Into an Expectation vs. Fitting Oneself Out
  • My Interests vs. Audience Interests
  • Being Authentically Un-professional and Random vs. Becoming Professional and Streamlined

Basically all of this stuff is right in INTJ central, especially for INTJs who are raised in an environment where there’s a drive toward, or a passion for, the sensory side of life.

That last item—that’s really, really hard as well. Remaining professionally authentic and true, as a performer? Wow. That’s one hell of a process and I don’t envy anybody who goes through it.

Also I’m seeing that workaholic, so Toro, on the slim chance that you end up reading this, please take care of yourself and keep chilling.

Finally, I’d just mention that we have another observationally-INTJ individual here who started out as a graphic designer. A LOT of you guys, self included, have roots in graphic design. One of the most difficult job choices I ever made was a choice between graphic design and tech. The two jobs seemed appealing in different ways, each speaking to such different sides of who I was, and I remember wondering: “Which one am I?”

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