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Gifts of the Intuitive Theorist: My New Book for INTJs

Tuesday April 17, 2018

Departing a bit from the typical long-form self-improvement book, Gifts of the Intuitive Theorist: 300 INTJ Strengths to Try is a book of creative exercises. It’s packed with opportunities to dive in and explore various INTJ strengths—some of which you probably haven’t tried before. Learn a new fact or two, or develop a completely new set of skills. You decide!

You’ll probably like this book, or so my early INTJ reviewers say. Purchasers receive both a DRM-free PDF and EPUB copy of the book. There’s a PDF with sample exercises available, and here is the purchase link.

While I’m getting the book launched you can use the promo code “launchpromo” at checkout and pay $6.99 instead of $7.99. This won’t be permanent, so grab it while you can.

If you read it, I’d love to hear what you think!

Production Notes

Because the book is one large set of exercises, I started out by identifying the kind of language prompts I wanted to use, then I put together a Perl script to generate a framework of the book for me (notice I didn’t say “write the book for me”). I fed different ideas into the script, which eventually generated 300 really generic sentences, which I then molded into exercises. Then I deleted some and added some more.

I have revised each exercise an average of 4-5 times. If you read the sample PDF you can see an example where I work through an exercise until my brain is really well stimulated and I’ve gained some new insights.

It’s a workout book, first and foremost.

The book cover is decorated in architecture which incorporates triangles: The Epcot Center Spaceship Earth geosphere. In reviewing my own doodle and sketch imagery, the triangle appears over and over. It imparts a sense of directional force and strength of structure in one object. As such, the triangle has a lot to do with INTJ psychology. INTJs love to create and develop (usually mental) structures with which to exert force! Building on this, I decided to find a way to combine triangles and architecture (architecture in the general sense is an INTJ strength) in the cover.

The image above is a 3D render of the book and some accompanying objects, including a pencil drawing I made some time ago. 3D modeling is absolutely my jam when I need to put a quick product shot together. Alternate angle one and alternate angle two. I used a software package called Art of Illusion which I’ve been using since around 2003. It’s limited in some ways compared to the commercial software I’ve used, but a lot of fun for simple projects. Using FOSS like Art of Illusion for production artwork in 2018 feels a bit like drawing the Mona Lisa with a ballpoint pen, which I’d probably enjoy doing anyway.

P.S.: If you’d like to be included on my list of early reviewers for future titles, my email’s in the sidebar.

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