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Reviewing the Body of Frameworks, 2020 Edition

Friday April 24, 2020

I was reviewing a post from 2017 counting about 300 frameworks.

After reading it, I wondered where I was at as of 2020. Here’s a screenshot of the frameworks I’ve worked on this month—April, 2020:

Screen capture of list of 78 frameworks I've been working on in April 2020

Some of these represent big edits that took a lot of time, and some represent little updates here and there, like applying the Unified Experiencing Template to a bunch of loose notes.

As of right now the total number of these files is about 900. I may cross over 1,000 soon, but I also want to be careful: Quantity is not quality. I’ve also combined quite a few frameworks since 2017.

Also, many of these are really low-quality in terms of objective information. They’re mostly subjective, which is the point—they’re about me learning stuff, not you or anybody else. You know that voice that tells you, “you probably already know this stuff?” You’d probably be right in a lot of cases. However the real treasure to me is in factors like:

  • Where I left off with my last experience in this area
  • Where I want to go next with this interest, hobby, or general framework
  • Maybe some resources, like links I don’t want to have to search for next time
  • The history of me and a particular interest—when did it start? And why?

The older I get, the more important that sort of thing becomes. This is a broad support base for a very broad set of interests. And those interests give me energy & good vibes.

It’s fun to re-open some of the old frameworks, and see what I’ve built up over time, too. In my RPG frameworks, it’s easier than ever to pick up an old campaign and keep playing.

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