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Set it and Forget it for Systems-thinking Perfection! Almost.

Thursday April 30, 2020

Some Common INTJ Perceptions:

  • I need a set-and-forget diet
  • I need a set-and-forget investment plan
  • I need a set-and forget daily schedule
  • I need a set-and-forget spouse or partner

Some Common Outcomes of the Above:

  • My diet worked amazingly well…until it didn’t
  • I became an investor! Also…I didn’t exactly get the investment / financial returns I hoped for
  • People tell me I’m super productive! Still, I procrastinate too much instead of sticking to my planned schedule
  • I found an awesome partner! Also, my partner got sick of how lame & boring life was, every day. Despite my best efforts to keep this system in a set-and-forget state, things became un-set, and I was asked to “remember” and even change…


  • I will plan to review, meddle, and mix things up so I can keep learning and growing
  • I will be brutally honest with myself as problems crop up, rather than avoiding the problems I didn’t see coming
  • I will vent, complain, or scream (into a pillow, ideally) when I don’t get the results I want
  • I will scream a little bit, early and often, rather than building up into a nuclear explosion
  • Eventually my set-and-forget will be more like set-learn-engage-change-integrate-remember
  • My sense for systems design will become more nuanced, responsive, and even colorful
  • Life is now a grand experiment, and I enjoy it more

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