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Marc's Random Subreddit Shortcut Discovery Meditation

Monday July 13, 2020

Let’s get seriously therapeutic here.

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know that I learned that randomness is helpful to me. It’s practically the how ‘bout both of Ni & Ne, in this guy’s humble opinion. Random inputs come in, and Ne is like “THE WHOLE WORLD AT YOUR FINGERTIPS” and then Ni gloms onto this one or that one and goes, “oh you know why THIS is cool, or helpful, or chillingly awful???” (Hopefully less of the latter, but anyway, Ni tends to try to resolve down to one “thing” I should do in the future with the new information, for example.)

So I’m always trying new things in this area, and they’re almost always mind-expanding, and that’s fun. (Also, come on Ni: Why so serious!!!) Randomness is also a really nice recovery tool when things get a bit over-productive.

My latest random thing is this: Random Subreddits. Reddit, like some other websites, has this special URL which will take you to a random subreddit. So I mapped that URL to a keyboard shortcut, and now I just tap Ctrl+Super+R a bunch of times and poof, I have a bunch of tabs full of instant random and likely-new-to-me browsing material.

Here are some experiences I’ve had with that:


Personality type joke: I thought it was pretty funny that /r/ENFP was the first personality subreddit to appear while I was browsing random subreddits. If you get the Ne joke, you get the Ne joke.


I really like the self-deprecating humor here. I mean, some of it is just so identifiable during a hard day. It’s a refreshing break from the “let me show you my great stuff and you’ll show me your great stuff and it will be so fire” subs.


I had no idea about this game but really enjoyed learning that it exists.


People talk serious barber business over at /r/barbers. I never would have guessed. Man, those cowlicks.

Sports in General

It’s kinda cool that there’s a general /r/sports subreddit which allows a broader exposure to sports stuff.

Android Apps

I guess as a techie, it’s always good to find new sources of recommendations for software on various plafroms, and for Android, AndroidApps is one of them.


Wait, people still use Rainmeter? Man, I used to use that in like 2005! I swear, Windows software lasts forever. Huh.

Maybe someday there will be a real-life Dyson Sphere and somewhere in the staff who maintain and manage that Dyson Sphere there will be someone who runs Rainmeter. Actually yeah, that’s very likely. I’m calling it.

Ultrawide Master Race

For fans of ultra-wide aspect ratios. ohhhhkayyy. But I’d like to have more of an opinion on this in the future, I guess. I’d like to try some ultra-wide stuff. I have an ultra-wide desktop on my compy, but it’s spread across two monitors…

I’m not a big fan of the “Master Race” title so much anymore…it seems to have a lot of depressing baggage these days.


A weird flex, but OK, show me ur cool stuff.

Rep Ladies

OK, so RepLadies. I already knew about Fashion Reps and Designer Reps and Rep Sneakers and definitely RepTronics, so this wasn’t a huge surprise, but it’s kinda neat to see this trend expanding. It has opened up some psychological & philosophical questions for me. Which is always fun.

OT Memes

Original Trilogy Star Wars memes are still a thing I guess. I appreciated this one

Taco Bell

Wait, so Taco Bell has one…some funny stuff there. OH and there’s /r/fastfood …I love this. Posting while hungry. Sometimes I like trying new fast food menu items. (This is made a bit difficult by the fact that my wife is an amazing cook, but I persevere.)


I’m looking forward to learning more and I had no idea I could use some recommendations for this. I’m more horror-resilient these days, I think.


In summary, I hope you can see why I like this new keyboard shortcut.

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