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The Truly Secret Productivity Tips

Tuesday April 14, 2020

The more I write about productivity, the more disappointed I am with you all.

  • You never told me that productivity and fun were meant to go together.
  • You never told me that procrastination is not worth much, as a word. Yeah, that word is not helping anybody.
  • You never told me that our entire way of looking at productivity, as a global culture, is broken, depressing, and merely focused on “getting things done.”

Well, thanks a lot for that. Sheesh!

I’m working on more solutions on top of what I’ve already written about here.

But it’s nice to kind of zero things out. I feel like I can see much more clearly now. Productivity is a clean slate across which I intend to scrape my long, jagged fingernails. I’m cackling and enjoying it.

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