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There are so many different INTJs

Saturday September 10, 2016

Every INTJ is different.

There are INTJs who feel totally in control of their lives.

There are INTJs who feel like victims every day.

There are INTJs who love dry humor and joke grenades.

There are INTJs who absolutely do not get jokes.

Some INTJs can’t accept these differences. They think, “oh, she didn’t get the joke. She must be an ISTJ instead of an INTJ.” (Holy cow.)

Instead of “that’s new to me,” we zoom right back to the typical “oh, I already know everything about INTJs and therefore, that must not be one.”

On the other side of this, perhaps people have accused you of not being INTJ enough to be an INTJ. Dario Nardi says people have told him he’s actually NF, or probably SP.

He chooses to take it as a compliment.

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