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A Fantastic Growth Mindset for INTJs

Thursday February 21, 2019

Moving upward a step from that warning sign that was my last blog post, here’s a mindset to consider. Instead of focusing on “here’s what I already know [followed by negative conclusion],” consider this stance instead:

Above: “Refuse to Choose” author Barbara Sher, “You don’t know what’s possible,” via Youtube.

I wouldn’t say it’s easy to start thinking this way for the average INTJ, but I will say it’s so worth it. To get into an “I know” mindset per my last post is to pressure those around you to protect you from possibilities, no matter how beneficial. It screams, “I can’t stand admitting that I don’t know about things, so please help me exist in this world as if I genuinely know everything.”

To be aware of that mindset, and to stop doing that—that’s really great. That alone can save many of your most cherished relationships. But let’s take it one step further.

To get into an open, “I don’t know what’s possible” mindset, is to invite those around you to tip you off to new and interesting and even life-changing things. From books and movies to job opportunities, beneficial relationships, and so on. And most people will do this for you without wanting anything in return except an acknowledgment that “hey, I didn’t know about that,” and maybe a bonus “and that seems like it could be pretty great!”

Your life will improve, your relationships will improve. Try it. If you really need to quit the new thing, you still can. But at least you engaged your perceptive side and explored the new territory.

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