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How Do I Wade into these Troubling Waters? And Other Second-guesses to Make

Tuesday June 2, 2020

Hey guys, things are pretty wild out in the world these days. It seems like such a far cry from the world I used to know. This got me thinking—what would I recommend, coaching any random INTJ right now?

I think a strong INTJ activity-role to lean on is something like this:

  • Formulate questions
  • Ask them
  • Look into them
  • Learn new things
  • Create new things, when spare energy is available
  • Repeat

Learning from a blank slate is an amazing INTJ role for troubled times. Sure, it can elevate your perspective and make you more convincing in a debate, but you probably don’t need that as much as you think you do.

A big and seldom-admitted part of what you likely do need is emotional support, whether intrinsic or extrinsic. And you need access and opportunities to perform hard, optimistic work, creating outcomes that help you put that INTJ idealism back together. We all need to be able to believe that things are getting better, in the big picture. Seeing a lot of little-picture disasters happen here and there can really mess with that.

Even just the outcome that learning something boosts your mood—that alone makes it worth doing.

Here’s a question for your consideration: “What outcome do you envision for yourself, as a result of navigating these troubling times?” Describe in depth.

In truth, a lot of the solutions that emerge are going to emerge way-post-facto. They are coming years from now. And that’s OK. People are going to work hard on them. You can include yourself in this process, by asking what kind of outcomes you want. You’ll probably have to refine and rewrite the answer over time.

Personally—one of my outcomes is a more anchored system of socioeconomic and political reconciliation. It’s far too easy for me to overlook the parts that annoy me. Instead, I hope to get in on the creative side if possible—even just learning about what creative minds are doing and thinking would be helpful, as a start.

I’m setting a lot of boundaries, too. Taking risks with boundaries during stressful times isn’t smart for a guy like me. I don’t have answers to everything. I don’t really feel like trying to predict things is helping, by itself. Some people have asked me what I think will happen. I told them I don’t know.

I’m also supporting people who are very actively engaged, from my behind-the-scenes position. I’m learning what I can, behind the scenes. And right now that’s really sustainable for me.

There are details that I can’t share, but hopefully this gives you a bit more energy toward building your own creative direction.

Wishing you all a safe & healthy learning experience—

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