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"I want to bang every [man/woman/thing] I see"

Tuesday May 26, 2020

OK, I have had enough confessionals from you guys for now. LOL.

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You want the sexy feelings to start to fade? Learn to be a lazy, sexy person more often. Metaphorically, make your work day feel more like sexy underwear and less like a hard hat.

(Unnnnless hard hats are your thing)

Experiment: Every time you have to move to do something, even picking up your coffee mug, make a groaning mini-orgasm sound. Like, life is just too much. You read me? Take things really easy. No, don’t make that literal sound at work.

Go lay down, give yourself a break. You are driving yourself crazy.

Set some boundaries.

Work during whatever work hours you designate. Then stop workin’!

You want MORE sexy feelings? Well sure then: Push yourself to plan the end-to-end launch of a business in like, a single day. I guarantee your body will be screaming for that sweet, sensory relief. A recipe for bang.

It’s all this ridiculously stressful stuff. More examples: Pushing yourself to plan out your entire career in a day. Planning the rest of your schooling. Visualizing an entire relationship in a day. Don’t stop until it’s done (whenever that’s supposed to be). All the same—just variants on the bang recipe.

(By the way: Set and forget planning doesn’t work—teach yourself to be an early responder instead)

Should I cheat on my (whoever/whatever)?


Does this make me a bad person, feeling like this?


It makes me a special INTJ though right?

Hahaha! You’d be surprised. You’d be so f-ing surprised.

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