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A Place for My Business

Wednesday March 29, 2017

I just hit “publish” (or rather, “upload”) on the public persona for my new Personality Type Coaching business. I’ve been blogging quite a bit about type right here, but the type coaching business was mostly under wraps until I could properly launch it.

It was a lot of fun to finally bring the website into being, to cement the “who I am and what I’m doing explanation” a bit more, and to share it on Facebook. As usual my ENFP friends & family jumped in to enthusiastically share my announcement with their friends, so I’ll just call that good enough for now. It’s still a side job.

And by “a lot of fun,” I guess I mean “holy cow do I feel overexposed right at the moment.” I’m pretty sure I lost most of a business day just out of sheer, overstimulating, excitement and anticipation. My thoughts are everywhere.

And then a new fountain pen arrives in the mail and I start fiddling with it, getting ink all over myself, and I’m just all over the place. Get it together!

So far I’ve successfully told my wet-blanket dominant INTJ function, introverted intuition, to stop bothering me about how much this new venture is a bad idea. Man, I was having all kinds of weird ideas of what would happen should I continue making this official. However, it’s nice to have two separate, real-life, INTJ mentors backing me up, two absolute stalwarts of coaching standing there like gigantic sentinels pointing down the road toward my future. Those guys seem immovable from where I stand, and I respect their advice.

Over the holidays at the end of last year, my sister introduced me to a friend by saying, “this is my brother Marc. He’s a psychologist.” I was tripping all over myself to correct her, but the truth is that though not a psychologist, I’m psychologizing all the time now. It seems to be a really good fit for me.

If you’re an INTJ and have any interest in psychology and specifically personality type, I can only recommend getting into it further. It’s been an incredible benefit to me.

Finally, thanks for checking out my new website. I plan to continue writing useful INTJ things right here, but I’ll post some generally-useful information over there, too.

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