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A Printable Freebie and Recent RPG Recommendations

Wednesday November 25, 2020

A few general updates:

Free Dice Roller Printable

Today I published a free D6 Dice-roller Sheet. It’s a sheet filled with random D6 dice roll numbers.

I have been running some solo RPG campaigns, but I didn’t like the idea of rolling dice with a bunch of books in my lap, and somehow I’ve never really enjoyed using dice apps on my phone. So I thought, let’s “just” make a simple sheet of random numbers.

Using Object Pascal! Whee, nostalgia fun!

Oh, it’s broken somehow on my system. More IT work is needed. Added to To-Do list.

OK, so let’s use uh, PHP on the command line. It’s been a while and it’s kind of underdog-fun.

(1 hour later)

OK, this needs a monospace font. Oh, and maybe two font sizes to choose from.

OK done. Since this took a non-negligible amount of time to accomplish, I decided to share it online.

RPG Recommendations

I wanted to share some of the RPGs and RPG supplements I’ve enjoyed using and reading lately.

These aren’t affiliate links, so I’m probably missing out on all kinds of revenue here (ha)…

First: Atomic Robo by Evil Hat Games. This is a beautiful book, just fun to read.

Next, Supers! Revised Edition (a.k.a. Supers! RED) by HAZARD Studio. This game makes Superhero roleplaying easy. The system is simple to understand and it’s easy to get a game going.

The Search & Destroy supplement for Supers! by Stone Mountain Press is also really impressive if you like modern settings with more gritty, realistic action. It also offers rules for vehicle chases and ORGANIZATIONAL COMBAT which could be like…CIA vs. KGB, or whatever you’d like it to be…I ran “Billion-dollar Cult vs. Small Independent South American State Government” and had a lot of fun generating a scenario.

Including: Precis Intermedia Titles

Finally, I have to share these Precis Intermedia books…these are PACKED with value. It’s insane. The design is good, the contents are interesting, and the little add-ons like extra character templates and optional rules are really impressive.

Amazingly, on top of the really good value, these are all GDi system RPGs, so they can be combined really easily. You could run Post-apocalyptic Casablanca with Mean Streets Expanded and EarthAD.2 Expanded, for example.

For tabletop miniatures skirmish gaming, I’ve also been reading New World Disorder Expanded which has been really cool so far. It even comes with printable minis with which you can do battle.

I’m putting a nicely-organized RPG gaming binder together (you know there are at least thousands of us in Hard Copy Clan, right?) and it’s been a lot of fun combining various printouts and reorganizing my Solo RPG frameworks.

Well, and, uh…picking out just the right mechanical pencil. And some nice graph paper. Oh, and some lined paper, it’s been a while but I kind of miss that format. And…

Happy Holidays everybody!

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