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Tuesday May 1, 2018

I never realized how much energy matters until just recently. It’s absolutely incredible! We are just orbs of pure energy, seen through one (simple) lens. But with that one lens you gain a technology. In principle you gain a gigantic amount of leverage. It’s incredible, like discovering an alien civilization—in fact that’s what happens in Contact, isn’t it? Massive energy transfer. You can see it in her eyes and it comes at her faster than she can describe.

How can we categorize and gauge the magnitude, the vector, the configuration, the duration? Is there a point at which you melt in the presence of a higher-energy being? Some exponential extension of the experience of hanging around with your ESFP cousin all day? The Indiana Jones face-melting energy-archetype?

A system of energy-archetypes: Is that what personality type is, or does it lack something when seen through that lens? Jung explored psychic energy, however we don’t really use his tools that way currently—we don’t typically discuss energy outside of the I/E dichotomy.

More later as I develop this little guy, this line of thought.

(I know you’re excited to let me know about your favorite author/book on energy, so shoot me an email and I promise to extravert myself toward it. :-) You guys have all the best resources…you energy harvester-preserver-conservators you)

(And what brought this moment about? Was it the music, was it the Diet Mountain Dew, or was it the long-awaited coming of the end of the day?)

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