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A Good INTJ Life Story?

Monday June 8, 2020

Remember how I intuited that, err, observationally speaking, Davie504 sure seemed like an INTJ to me? (I mean, his link is only plastered up there at the top of my blog. How could you miss that?)

Well, now he’s gone and posted a terrific video of his life story. And I think it’s both resonant and valuable from the INTJ perspective.

There are some little details in the video that I really love, like the part where he intuited “huge viewer profit” if he invested in a mega-expensive bass guitar. (11:40) That’s really epic, and figuring out that kind of leverage point is such a legendary INTJ move.

He also did the economically-expedient, “not enjoying this,” FOUND THE UNIVERSITY EJECTION SEAT BUTTON maneuver with which I know a lot of INTJs are familiar. (Sure it leads to quite a scramble for a while, but a lot of you guys have made it happen. Hell, I didn’t get my own university diploma until 2018…but that’s another story)

And of course, he’s good at being funny, playing the bass, and editing videos, and offering free therapy at the end of his videos, and then after all THAT stuff you’re like, WTF, he can illustrate his life story live, on a whiteboard, too???!!! This is just too much. And in that way I think he’s also being the INTJ. Sometimes we’re too much. It’s the push, man. Epic performances enable epic stonks profits. Something like that.

You may have also noticed Electroboom has been emulating Davie504 on his channel. Here I think we have an ESFP who is sniffing at our INTJ butts again. Stonks go up, and all the ESFPs run around throwing money at the nearest INTJ. Pretty freakin’ funny channel though. I approve.

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