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Blog Updates, February 10, 2020

Monday February 10, 2020

Some new stuff has arrived!

INTJs on Youtube

I’ve posted some links to INTJs you can watch on Youtube, on the front page of the blog. My personal list of Youtube INTJs is longer than this, but you know how it is…those others will be my contingency INTJs for later. ;-) How’s your info-hoarding coming?

New Photo of Yours Truly

I’ve had a beard for a while now, so there’s a new photo reflecting the change in my “personal branding” or whatever.

This counts as personal branding, right? I wonder if there’s a secret Personal Branding Cult out there somewhere with a branding iron and a literal personal-branding ritual. Hm. And may I just offer: A Skull above any other, for those who remember that great film.

Various and Random Updates in the Sidebar

My coaching business continues to grow, and I’ve started to specialize. I never really did this with my web development business, but with coaching I kind of have to because of a busy schedule. Plus, I’ve tried a lot of different types of coaching and now it’s time to set boundaries, placing my focus where I enjoy my work and know I can offer extreme value.

So with that said—if you know tech professionals, business owners, or performance-oriented individuals who could benefit from coaching, I appreciate the referrals as always.

In parting: Please enjoy this video of Louis Cole performing with Vulfpeck. Take care everybody, and have a great week.

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