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Study Notes, 2015-11-18

Wednesday November 18, 2015

  • From Getting to Yes: Don’t negotiate by taking positions.
    • Fascinating…what’s next?
  • From Survival Games Personalities Play:
    • Taking Over the Nitpick Game, p. 108. Invite the rational to bring all criticisms and concerns to your immediate attention.
    • Fulfilling the Rational’s Basic Needs, p. 109. Read the case study—very good.
      • Case study contains advice to take a math class and get no greater than a C grade. Man it felt enticing to read that.
    • Need/want to learn more about stopping the robot games.
  • From Super Memory, Super Student, p. 104—how to never misspell a (particular) word again. Want to try that.
  • From The Mind Map Book
    • Ulf Ekberg experience and mind map, p. 116
    • Artistic mind maps…amazing thought, would like to keep kicking that idea around.
    • Buzan’s books may be gimmicky but man are they fun to read. Approachable, friendly, human, loving. Maybe look at buying more in the future.
  • From Please Understand Me II
    • The Values of Rationals, p. 187, has a table containing the things the various types prize. This is fascinating.
    • Bottom of page 191…“Rationals cannot ask for deference, just as [other types cannot ask for thing they prize]…I really want to know this better. What is deference exactly? And how can I give others what they prize, in a constructive manner?
  • In Cheetah Negotiations, p. 48 we find a terrific example run-down of a negotiation with an ISTJ. Amazing, this book meshes MBTI with negotiation tactics.
  • Mister Rogers quote book, p. 39: Even if you came in 2nd or 3rd or 4th, I’m proud of you because you did something you’ve never done before. [I want to be like this with my family]
  • Type Talk, p. 203 talks about pet types. I knew it!! I think Einstein is an ISTP. Watson, probably an INFP or something.
  • Charisma, The Art of Relationships, p. 48: “Do Your Position” vignette.
    • Being a leader means that you will have to piss people off sometimes.
  • The Highly Sensitive Person, p. 174, has a rundown of the different types of therapy.
    • Most interesting to me this time was spiritual therapy. I thought it could be a great idea to ask people to pray as a first step of some hypothetical spiritual therapy. Say, for a week, pray for God’s help in discovering His love for you. Anyway, this is an exciting topic to me somehow.
  • How to Win Customers and Keep Them For Life, p. 115. Terrific example. “If it costs you five thousand but does you fifty thousand dollars worth of good [great phrase, better than saves you, better than makes you] then by any yardstick you’ve bought a bargain.”
  • From Ambercarenet’s Memorization Article: The Roman Room method. 10 pegs in a room, starting at corner nearest left shoulder when you enter the room. Should end at 8 at entrance, then 9 is the floor and 10 is the ceiling.


  • Started learning, and practicing, Ford Shorthand. What a breath of fresh air after struggling with Gregg on and off for a while.
  • Along those lines, I’m exploring Handywrite, too.

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