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Sensory Change-ups

Wednesday May 20, 2020

Since I just wrote about changing watches and variety being helpful, here are some more things like that:

Here, have some wallpaper

I’ve been making some fractal wallpaper recently. Here’s one, consider it a wacky, explosive teaser until I finish up my Red Station Wallpaper Pack to be released soon:

fractal image

It reminds me of a breakfast cereal ad. Maybe I should add some milk somehow pouring into the center…

I’ve been changing my wallpaper imagery more frequently, and I like it. What’s weird is, I thought quality was best. So I was a bit nervous to tell my computer, just as an experiment: “just pick any image in my collection, no matter the resolution. And change things out every 25 minutes.”

But no, even with the known quality issue, the quantity factor is still way better than quality on my energy-meter.

Random Sounds

I’m playing with random sounds. Making my computer produce them at random times. So far, I will only say that this has been fun.

I also updated my random-music script. Pressing the Ctrl + Super + Media-Play key combination quickly shuffles up my entire music collection, throws it into a playlist, and pipes it out through QMMP so I can hear sequences like:

I mean, there’s no going back from this level of rrrrandom.

I also have the yodeling chorus of John Denver’s Calypso bound to a shortcut key here, but that’s less random and more yodelly.

Text Editor Themes

I practically live in a text editor, so I bake up new themes from time to time, and I’m thinking of ways to speed this up.

I’ve made at least 15 themes for Geany, yet unreleased because they are sloppy AF. But they are something different and again, this counts. I have one that reminds me of Scooby Doo. I call it Inspector X.

I change color schemes about 3-4 times a day and this pace works pretty well. It’s nice to slip into a new color scheme. Something about the sensory-emotive qualities.

Layering Things

I’ve also been layering and mixing this stuff.

It’s weird. But it WORKS.

  • Radio playing Top 40 in the background
  • A podcast
  • WebSDR audio, like some hams talking on 80 meters, or arabic talk radio
  • French hip-hop

I’ll turn up, or down, these various inputs to discover different emergent effects, meanwhile changing wallpapers, text editor themes, window themes, fonts, etc.

Where this will lead

Well, it’s all going somewheres. I was going to leave that as “somewhere” but remembered that the entire point is the diversity of outcomes. Fun stuff to think about.

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