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Personality Types in "Frasier"

Thursday May 16, 2019

Just off the top of my head…here are my personality type guesses for the TV show Frasier, which is one of my favorites:

  • Frasier, ENFJ
  • Niles, INFJ
  • Daphne, ESFJ
  • Roz, ESTP
  • Martin, ISTP
  • Bulldog, ESTP
  • Donny, ENTJ
  • Bebe Glazer, ESFP
  • Sherry Dempsey, ESFP
  • Station manager Kate Costas, ESTJ
  • Attorney Samantha Pierce, ISTJ
  • Niles’ ex Mel Karnofsky, INFJ (This one has been a bit controversial when I’ve shared it and I believe she would certainly be an outlier for an INFJ, as some of her perception-judgment patterns are certainly not conducive to a healthy lifestyle.)

As the Story Goes…

Personality psychology is a really fun lens through which to view a TV show like this. In my observation, most Frasier plot lines go something like this:

  • Se: A new and sensational issue is at hand!
  • Fe: Something must be done to save the occasion / person / reputation / relation. I have an idea…
  • Ti: (The idea is horribly sneaky, or manipulative, etc., and it fails hard)
  • Ni: What was I thinking by being so (petty / manipulative / etc.)? Why couldn’t I have seen this coming? This is madness! (Followed by a return to a wiser & calming view of the big picture.)

I have some friends IRL who seem to follow this general pattern quite often! :-)

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