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Do it! Waste some time today.

Thursday April 30, 2020

You deserve it. Waste time today. Do not delay. In Whole Productivity I talk about the blob. Reconnect with that part of yourself that is the blob.

Some of you guys write and tell me that you’re on like your fifth emotional-debt-building, hard-productivity marathon in five days. You don’t need tools for that. You don’t need research for that. What you need is a break. Do the exact opposite of whatever you think productivity is.

Become the blob.

scientific INTJ blob

If you can’t take a day off, take half a day. If you can’t take half a day, take a couple of hours. If you can’t take a couple of hours, take an hour. If you can’t do that, take fifteen minutes every hour. If you can’t take fifteen minutes every hour, take five minutes EVERY half hour and lay down, veg out, put your feet up, just be a blob.

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