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The Scott Award

Saturday June 6, 2020

Ahem. Is this thing on?

Today I’d like to publicly thank and congratulate “Scott” for his contributions to humanity.

Indeed, so great are my thanks that I am hereby slotting Scott into the award-winner category.

Have you seen the blog’s Buy Me a Coffee button? Recently I posted a little note over in our blog’s casual, trendy Sidebar-town:

The coffee-buying feature has not been used once since it was installed earlier in 2020. LMAO. I will dedicate a blog award to the first INTJ who buys me a coffee.

You see, at first I thought the button was broken for a while. Huh. Works for me?

Then, during some of those rough moments, I started to imagine the worst. Man, what if it’s a bunch of hyper-unhealthy INTJs out there, mocking blog-kun’s little orange button. “Altruism is for people who don’t understand economics. Give me something worth paying for. Economic Straight-talk radio with Miles & Jake is WAY better than some guy’s dumb blog, and I don’t buy coffee for Miles and Jake”.

Well, maybe ya should, I think is what I’m feeling about that little scenario, scenario-guy.

But then I realized people probably don’t visit Sidebar Town that much in the first place. Like our RSS Chipmunks. They have no concept of a sidebar, except as a sort of mega-long list of categories of things they are missing out on more and more with every passing [timed refresh period].

While kind of a bummer, the upside is that this means we can continue to preserve that wabi-sabi chic, the Sidebar cachet. Don’t tell your friends about Sidebar-cho! And its Italian scooter-riding, watercolor-sketching, donut-eating group of wabi-sabi types that meets every Saturday to smile with one another and create works of art! Casually!

Back to the Award Promise

But everything changed today. Out of nowhere came Scott.

Scott with his thumbs-up, the thumbs-up that changed the world of blogging forever.

screenshot of Scott screenshot of Scott

The Award

The Scott Award is Hereby Inaugurated, on this 0111 UTC’th Moment of the 6th Day of Blog-kun Local Time June, in the Portentious Year of Our Blog 12020.

A thumbs-up enshrined in a glass dome case on a gold and expensive-wood base

The Scott Award: A simple thumbs-up, awarded for a universally understood and potent demonstration of goodwill toward all mankind. Cuz coffee’s potent.

Scott is entitled to download the award image and affix it to a flat or semi-curved surface of his choice.

This blog award will be thought about by its creator for a while. I need to decide who ELSE gets it, for one. If you have any ideas, let me know.

Oh and I’d like to thank Wikimedia user Raoli for their contribution of the thumbs-up-model portion of the award, without which we might well be staring at a greatly-magnified generic emoji. Beautiful job, Raoli.

That’s all for now. The Award-naming season has closed temporarily. Thank you all for attending today’s ceremony. And thanks again, Scott. A hearty thumbs-up right back at you.

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