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The Fascinating World of Youtube ESFPs, the INTJ's Opposite-Yet-Similar Type

Friday May 10, 2019

I’m not the type of personality-type-guy to proclaim, “I perceived that your personality type is X, therefore it’s God’s truth,” so take this list with a grain of salt. However, I’m also one of the few personality type-interested people around who has been tested multiple times on my ability to type people. I passed the tests. And they were not easy. Man, there were some serious red herrings on those tests. (I’m looking at you, Susan Nash!)

So, cut that grain of salt in half, maybe.

But here are some Youtube people who I think “would make great ESFPs” ;-) and seem to be “ESFP-values-centered” individuals. Ha.

See if you can spot the Se (extraverted sensing) values: External objects, their importance, we need more external objects to compare and examine! Object-curiosity! However, the internal, deeper sensory qualities…the health aspect of eating all that fast food and chugging huge amounts of liquid…hey maybe don’t eat so much…this can be ignored (Si) in favor of that I want it all extraverted, broad psychology. And of course Fi (introverted feeling) values: I feel like goin’ out and having fun…oh and look, some people care about little ol’ me…so sweet, I care for people…individuality is important, let’s all be ourselves…love you guys, etc.

Furthermore, don’t miss that interaction style: Get Things Going. Give the viewers what you know they want to see. Leave it all on the stage. Make people feel energetic and happy and satisfied.

As an INTJ: This psychology is a big part of your psychology. And for a lot of you, it’s part of your unnoticed psychology. It makes demands of you and you immediately respond to those demands, and then later you wonder why you acted in such a shameful or embarrassing way. The more you can be aware of this side, find healthy ways to encourage it, the better. Related: Attending to the Turbo Lover (don’t ESFPs make good Turbo Lovers?)

And ending with a decidedly ESFP-values podcast called “System Mastery” we have come right back to INTJ, the home of the systems-view. :-)

Aside: As a tech guy, one of my favorite signs of an ESFP client is when they send me their password to something, and for the really Turbo Lover ESFPs it’s always some combination of words like GOLD and SEXY and MAMA and things like that. “GOLDSEXYMAMA1990”. Oh yeah baby. It’s gettin’ hot up in here with these passwords!

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