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Musical Interlude

Monday May 6, 2019

It had been a while since I made any music, so when I found some of my old songs over the weekend I started to feel really nostalgic. Just for fun I decided to blow the dust off the Mac, fire up Renoise and SynthMaster, load some TR-808 samples and put together a mellow retro-electronic tune.

The process was a little bit fiddly; at one point I was laughing while I watched the song playing backward, with no apparent way to stop it. I’m still convinced that this is a bug and not a feature. Force-kill, restart. On top of that, I had decided to make this happen over the weekend, full stop, no matter what, and since I only remembered a smattering of mixing techniques I learned from a Russian guy back in the early 2000s, smatter-mixing it was. No time to Google around for sweet mixing tricks like I used to do.

The song reminded me of one of my Ni-collages which had a computer and a photo of Seattle (my birthplace) in it, so I grabbed that and glossed it up a bit. “UltraPioneer” was one of the first names that came to mind and actually does resonate personally with some challenging experiences of late (hope to talk about those soon, nothing super terrible).

Anyway, this exercise somehow ticked my “therapeutic” box and I look forward to more of this kind of therapy in the future. ;-) This is just for personal enjoyment of course, nothing serious planned…

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