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A common sequence of interest-energy for me

Tuesday June 7, 2022

It starts with a vague feeling of want, then a feeling of need, or deeper-want.

Then it turns into interest in ideas/concepts/products, to browsing products, to feeling need for specific products or items.

Next to vague intuition of a specific visual intuition or visual collage I can see in my mind’s eye, then to explicative visualization, or a visualization that seems to expand on or explain the previous visual intuition.

From there the energy goes to thoughts about application of this new concept to my life & energy systems. I get excited—application, this I can do something about and with!

Then to keyword-intuition, to keyword search, and to sorting / ranking based on intuitive (future) suitability. Not searching for products anymore, but for whatever the product interest turned into. From searching for a book on fractal math to searching for a tutorial on drawing fractals.

After that—to review, sometimes to purchase, to file away, to build on, to model, to framework, to leverage, to use, to teach.

To publish.

These last few are optional. Usually we get to some point of leverage though.

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