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A Reader's Voice Worth Hearing, and How Cool is a Great Voice?

Monday April 29, 2019

A belated and huge thanks to blog reader Mike (we have multiple Mikes in our readership, and even multiple Mike C’s, so I will check and see how much credit he’d like) for providing me with a beautiful and easy-on-the-ears recording of When Intuitry Beats Memory, my essay on the power of intuition. The MP3 is available for download at that link.

Isn’t Mike’s voice awesome? I love it.

It’s risky in a sort of “weird information gets out” way, but I think I’ll send the recording to my mom. She’s a very proud ESFP, so the risk is that she tells people that I’m “well…I forget…but it’s something like, Marc is producing audio books for Carl Jung” or something like that, but she also likes to hear really great voices and loves audio books.

Collecting Voices

I have noticed that I enjoy collecting little snippets of on-air recordings from time to time, and “voices I enjoy” are one reason I might do that. Here is a favorite “found” voice from a recent HF net (The Noontime Net) on the 40-meter ham radio frequencies, 7.2835 MHz to be exact: The Noontime Net Recording [MP3, 1.3 MB]

For the non-hams here, a “net” is an on-air meeting. The net control operator there (I don’t know his name yet) is checking people in, an important part of these nets. If you haven’t listened to a net before, there may be one local to your area that’s worth checking out, and the equipment to do so is cheap (recommended quick starter set, despite only four stars worth of reviews) and easy to find. Even if you don’t have a ham radio license yet, you can type in the frequency and listen (not talk, but hey we’re introverts right) without needing a license.

I like the really executive nature of the net control’s voice here. And it goes a bit beyond that. He’s not only executive, he’s fast, he’s friendly, he’s forgiving (for example, forgiving of the operator who used “Germany” in his phoenetics, when “charlie” is so easily confused with Germany, and “Golf” is more common) and he’s a bit humorous. It works well. So I had to capture it.

Another plug for WebSDR which makes it dead simple to start/end/save recordings at the touch of a button.

I also found that when I use Hoopla I tend to bookmark favorite narrators and listen to other books they’ve narrated, even if unrelated to the book to which I first listened. As narrators (and actors) go, Bill Nighy (example at link, headphone warning but funny commentary) is a perennial favorite.

If you haven’t seen The Worricker Trilogy (spy thriller / drama) yet, in which Bill Nighy plays the lead role, be sure to check it out.

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