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Coaching Pricing Updated

Thursday May 23, 2019

Now that I’ve been working as a coach for a while, I’ve received valuable feedback from coaching clients and have developed a pricing page:

Marc Carson Coaching – Pricing

I’ve also changed my business services description from “Personality Type Coaching” to “Life & Career Coaching”. This is also due to client feedback, as well as feedback I solicited from my mentors and colleagues.

Personality Type and Much More

I am told that my coaching style is much more effective and encompassing than what some might imagine as “just MBTI” and it is definitely not limited to discussions of personality type.

While I’m not ruling it out, I’m actually not affiliated at all with MBTI and have never been a user of the MBTI instruments. I do use instruments that were created by professionals who worked for CPP in the past, however MBTI is a specific trade name.

Personality type is an effective tool and I continue to use it. At the same time I am really happy that my general coaching model is much more than just four-letter personality type, incorporating a range of systems and personal growth leverage points, so hopefully these changes communicate that better.

Regarding INTJ coaching, if you tend to see yourself and others as systems, you are in the right place. There is a lot of follow-on cognitive benefit for INTJs—I have a varied body of past career & life experience which a lot of clients draw on and find useful.

Student Coaching

I’ve worked with a lot of students and I love to support my student clients as they prepare for full-time careers. For this reason I’m now offering a student discount, available via the same Pricing page.

Email Coaching

Finally, I’m also offering email-based coaching (as opposed to online video or phone-based coaching) as of now, and will add those prices to the coaching website soon. In the meantime, please get in touch if you’re interested. My contact info is in the sidebar or you can go directly to the intake form page.

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