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My Current XFCE Shortcut Menu

Monday April 9, 2018

I added these buttons to an XFCE panel menu. This made a lot of things easier, and allowed me to create some new processes.

You’ll see that I love to harness the power of randomness for review purposes, for picking fresh music, and for other fun things and stuff.

  • Random playlist refresh for putting a fresh list of random songs together.
  • “Daily Drivel” is my Markdown-based journaling template, which is created automatically every morning at 3 a.m.
  • Ham radio frequencies I use often—there are lots of these, on various bands, mostly VHF and UHF. (Quick, what’s the national simplex frequency on the 70cm band?)
  • “View/Edit Random Framework” opens up one of the hundreds of frameworks I’ve created, so I have an opportunity to review, make edits, and sometimes scrap the whole thing and go back to square one.
  • “View/Edit Random Writing File” opens up one of the thousands of journal entries or other text files, for example a list of interests, a list of favorite video games, a list of things I want to do next in hobby X, etc.
  • Play Random New Fresh Tune picks one song from my latest-songs playlist and plays it.
  • Open Random Book does just what it says, with e-books. I read for a few minutes and I’m good.
  • Refresh Podcast Playlist is a kludge
  • Servers & Systems Docs is a Frameworks folder containing lots of sysadmin stuff, like how to do X, Y, or Z on a server. Some of these are basically “I spent 15 minutes on Google looking for the best answer to this problem and I don’t want to ever repeat that again, so here it is.”
  • Thunar is an excellent file manager, and you can put things like sftp:// addresses right into the location bar.
  • KolourPaint is an MS Paint clone that is surprisingly useful for just getting visual ideas out in a simple way.
  • QMMP is like an upgraded but faithful clone of WinAMP.
  • At the very bottom you’ll see my two of my detective archetype activators.

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