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Scooter Braun

Monday November 16, 2020

Scooter Braun was in the news today, and I thought, “this story is giving me that vibe,” and after some research I’m adding Scooter Braun to my likely-INTJ list.

A couple of video references:

This person may not seem like you, if you’re an INTJ. Scooter does seem more like the a Se-heavy INTJ, like an INTJ-T. They are easy to confuse with ESFPs or ENTJs. Some of the items that resonated:

  • Dropped out of school; economics and economic opportunity won (Te stuff seems important to him, on top of the Se, mentioned below)
  • Major Se-focus. The impact-concept is maybe all-important. Power-focused perceptions, coupled with vision (Ni).
  • Heavy Fi-focus: Gotta do your thing, find your own path, etc.
  • Ni-focus: Respect power, build a forward-thinking plan, a channel to increase it. His vision for marketing and social media use seemed to use a lot of Ni-Te thinking. This person can make a plan, and relies heavily on vision-first, plan-first thinking. (I’m sure this gave those ESFP performer friends quite a rush.)

I have coached more than a few clients who are similar. They face, more than many INTJs, that really difficult combination of “I’m a major introvert” and “I’m also a major extrovert in these other ways.”

(I have a DJ friend, also an INTJ, who looks like Scooter. Kinda funny when that happens. There are a LOT of INTJs working in arts & entertainment)

INTJs in this position also have to be careful with community. Heck, all of us INTJs do. But this kind of person seems more likely to get tripped up on the Fi-Fe divide and unwittingly turn themselves into a villain (public POV) and scapegoat / misunderstood victim (subjective POV).

It’s really unfortunate because some planning here and there can help—but it’s the wanna factor. You have to want to connect with the community and build good will, and this has never been an easy sell to INTJs with other plans on their mind. Plus, one has to admit that being the misunderstood person in the shadows—being the villain, even—gives a lot of energy leverage. Mostly of the “I’ll show them” variety, but still, it feels kinda fundamentally great to perceive oneself as deeply misunderstood. It’s a meaty feeling, and offers some scary lows to balance out the scary highs.

I’d guess his wife, Yael Cohen Braun, is ISxJ. I see an interesting visual similarity between examples like:

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