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Hmmm! Destin from Smarter Every Day?

Thursday July 8, 2021

I was watching some Smarter Every Day videos lately and I got this really sudden, strong INTJ-intuition. Is Destin an INTJ? Maybe!

It’s a fun video. Very little poop is involved. Destin is doing a demonstrative variant of taking the manual writing character bonus for INTJs.

(Note: I have been aboard a nuclear submarine myself, walked among the missile tubes, and it was a really neat experience. Also, I did look behind the curtains like any curious person might, and I saw a bunch of statistics that I don’t remember, and yes, the curtains were shut really fast when somebody caught on. They were pros about it though. Thanks US Navy! I won’t forget all the ice cream I ate on ur boat)

Also. IMO Linus from Linus Tech Tips rings my ENTJ bell, and here they are together for people who have asked me about ENTJs on Youtube.

I hope you can see the way Linus’ extraversion energy is effectively L I M I T L E S S by comparison. In contrast, Destin is much more introverted/subjective and incorporates himself at a deeper level, but I think he does it in a really graceful way. He also goes into some really cool little factors in his videos that Linus would probably swat away like annoying flies.

Linus has also been observed doing some risky Ni stuff before, like proclaiming the one-certain-meaning-to-this and calling a product or situation a disaster before he really knows what’s going on with the details. My hope for anybody developing Ni is that they can move beyond this “we’re f***ed” stage as quickly as possible.

I do see Linus’ Te really pushing Destin into the Fi box during that video; anyway it’s no big deal and it’s cool to see them together. Always something to learn…no space for emotional drama here, nope…k back to work and learning everybody…lol

Just to balance things out, here’s an observationally-ESFP I like to watch sometimes.

All clear in sector seven!

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